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Our risk management solution for e-commerce: reduce payment defaults, increase revenue & optimise checkout

With our e-commerce solution proofitBOX you can

optimise checkout

optimise your checkout

reduce payment defaults

reduce payment defaults

increase revenue

increase revenue

Our risk management solution for e-commerce

Turn your visitors into buyers and increase not only your revenue but also your effective turnover. An optimised risk management with the SHS VIVEON proofitBOX enables you to offer payment types to your customers that are riskier for you. This has shown to increase the conversion rate significantly while at the same time minimising payment defaults, returned direct debits and charge backs.

How it works

The e-commerce proofitBOX can be deployed at any desired point in the check-out process via web-service call; in addition to the standard, it offers extra packages which can be used individually as well as upstream services.

Our proofitBOX solutions


proofitBOX Standard

The solution covers all essential functions – from address validation and shopping cart rating to fraud screening and determination of permitted payment types.



proofitBOX Advanced

In addition to the standard, the proofitBOX Advanced contains extra packages which can be used individually by the retailer as well as upstream services, such as geo-location or extended shopping cart rating.


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Prevent fraud with proofitBOX
Fraud prevention
proofitBOX offers a lot of functions to identify and prevent fraud attempts.

Experiences of our
proofitBOX customers

eCommerce solution for furniture online-shop

Case Study HOME24

Since introducing the proofitBOX, the online furniture retailer operating at European level has profited from an increased conversion rate, reduced payment defaults and has been able to adapt their own risk strategy independently and flexibly. Download PDF:
eCommerce Lösung für Discounter

Discounter goes Web

Popular payment types count among the most important revenue drivers in online trade but also entail a higher risk. This example shows how a discounter manages the balancing act between customer service and risk prevention. Download PDF:

An excerpt of our
proofitBOX customers

„Kundenservice wird bei uns groß geschrieben. Durch die proofitBOX können wir unsere Prozesse während des Bezahlvorgangs laufend optimieren und mehr Kunden die für sie passenden Zahlarten anbieten - und das ohne unsere Kosten und Ausfallrisiken zu erhöhen.“ Philipp Steinhäuser, Vice President Finance, Home24
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